Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Shoes of the week

You don't fall in love like you fall in a hole. You fall like falling through space. It's like you jump off your own little planet to visit someone else's planet. And, just as when exploring a new and strange planet, you never know what you're going to find. Just as you will never truly understand why, when and how you fell in love, nor ever be able to rationally explain it. This is the case with these shoes.

Tom Ford's gladiator heel sandals. Brought to fame (read infamy) by Anne Hathaway very recently.

Just so we're clear from the get-go - I love Tom Ford. Always have, always will. I love everything about him, most of all that he is a man with a very clear mantra - simplicity. Just how complex he can make it without complicating it is a wonder for me with every new collection. When he left Gucci was a very black day for me and I was surprised to find myself waiting impatiently to see what he does next. I had to wait a while, but he did not disappoint.

Back to the heels. They first caught my eye at the unveiling of his spring/ summer 2013 line. A collection of spare, elegant and sexy outfits, with clearly-defined shapes and artfully cut details. But the shoes, they were the master contrast - who but Tom Ford could make wearing an evening gown with bondage-inspired heels so natural and sensual?! While I confess to liking the flesh-coloured version of the sandals better (it felt more organic), seeing them on the red carpet just took my breath away. And as I was gasping for air, all I could mutter was "soooo beautiful". This is how the love affair started and I don't think it will end soon.

On a related note, kudos to Anne Hathaway. Although I'm usually not a fan of either her (too much like a kid wearing mom's clothes for my taste) or choosing a style right off the runway and wearing it as is, this time I admired how she went all out. And had the attitude to carry it off. You go, girl!

PS: Just because there is no reason why you shouldn't, feast your eyes on the beautiful Tom Ford SS'13 collection presentation video. And then tell me if it's not something beautiful.

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