Friday, 14 December 2012

Gift for the music lover

Gone are the days when we were listening music on a record player in our rooms or with a diskman attached to our belts (ah, the sweet fashion faux-pas of yore!). Today, we take our music literally anywhere and everywhere and, thanks to devices like the iPod mini, it's barely noticeable anymore.

Except for the headphones - from the small, in-ear designs to the massive DJ-ish models, they are visible for the world to see. And, like any accessory, we want them to say something about ourselves. We want them to match our personality and our style. We want them to look good. So, if you have a friend that doesn't go out without a soundtrack, rather than going down the standard route, surprise him with a dashing designer product - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and D&G for Skullcandy are my frontrunners. Available online on and or, in Bucharest, at the Place Concept Store.

But the coolest headphones out there? Molami is the name. Created by a woman, Molami sets a first in the headphone industry - tailored silhouettes designed especially to frame and enhance the features of the feminine face. Molami makes sound a lot more wearable and transforms headphones from a boring choice to a select accessory, tailored for the contemporary individual. Luxurious and interesting, they're a perfect gift for Christmas.


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