Friday, 7 December 2012

Gift for the dark and mysterious

Going to a ball and you're not sure how to get the Cinderella charm and mystery without the help of a fairy godmother (and, more importantly, sans the pumpkin carriage and rat vallets)? As any make-up artist will tell you, there's one very simple solution - the smoky eye, that make-up of sleek, dark and sultry night sirens of the world. In the world of fashion, no one embodies it better than the queen of French mystique herself [drum-roll] Carine Roitfeld.

Ms. Roitfeld elevated the smoky eye to an art form, so it comes as no surprise that her MAC collaboration brings us a collection of chic colours and all the tools necessary for recreating her dramatic aesthetic. There are two full "Face Kits" with colors ranging from soft beige to dark chestnut, there's a kohl pencil and a brow pencil, mascara (which the Roitfeld recommends sleeping with so you wake up looking "tired sexy), brushes and a foundation. And, for a touch of whimsy, there's also a set of star stencils for making tiny "good luck" beauty marks. I dare you to find one woman who would not want to get this as a present and get at least the look of Carine, if her wardrobe remains beyond reach. Although... Santa, if you're reading this, her wardrobe IS what I want for Christmas.

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