Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mon Shu, Mon Amour

This has been a busy year for Karl Lagerfeld, what with the normal string of Chanel collections, lunching with Kanye West and pushing beloved cat Choupette to the heights of Internet success and popularity. Yet, with all this hectic schedule, somehow he's also made time to collaborate with Japanese make-up giant Shu Uemura for a holiday collection.

The most surprising thing of all? Seems that Karl is not all dour and seriousness and the "Mon Shu Girl" line is the clearest expression of his lighter, playful side - off-note: it sounds so wrong to say! It feels like badmouthing somebody :)

The collection offers an assortment of fun and doll-ish products, like a black and silver glitter nail polish and nail decorations (spot on the trend, Mr. Lagerfeld), crimson bold red lipstick, a liner in "blackish satin purple" (sounds very complicated) and an eye and cheek palette called "Prestigious Bordeaux" (naturally, when the Karl is involved, it can be little else if not prestigious).

Not surprisingly, it couldn't be a Shu Uemura collection without a pair of extravagant lashes. This time around, they are red and black, with shiny rhinestone gems or, alternatively, all crystals in classic black and white with red accents. And handmade :) Quite perfect for a striking apparition at any New Year celebration.

If you don't manage to get your hands on the cute line, fear not. Odds are that there will be plenty more collaborations for Lagerfeld in the future. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a collection of elegant, black&white Band Aids - I've got nothing that goes with finger cuts!

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