Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gift for the haute couture lover

Sundays are for pampering, so how about a Christmas gift that will make this experience all the more sumptuous and glamorous? If you're like me, you have all but given up on trying to play spa at home after you realized that relaxed was the last thing you became after you had to clean up all the mess you left behind (and after your husband was constantly making fun of your "sun-dried alien look" whenever you put on a cosmetic mask). And I am convinced that I was not the only one to think this way, because why else would Givenchy think of making an haute couture mask?! And haute couture, haute style, haute "need it badly" level it certainly is.

The Soin Noir lace mask is the latest secret beauty concept, which combines the powerful healing properties of the eponymous serum with genuine Calais lace for a truly unique, extraordinary and ultra-luxurious facemask. The idea behind it, as I understand it? As the action-packed serum sets into the skin, the delicate fibers of the world's most famous lace lifts the epidermis for a fresh look and, after only 20 minutes, the skin is renewed and glowing. True enough, at EUR 300, it's not the most accesible gift out there, but Christmas does only come once a year.

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