Monday, 10 December 2012

Gift for making wishes come true

The magic of Christmas is that it can make your wishes, your dreams, your hopes can come. It brings happiness and joy and fun-filled moments with all your closest and dearest. It lends a quiet time for looking back on the year with gratitude and looking forward to the next with enthusiasm and renewed energy. Christmas is the time when you are thankful for the love which surrounds you. So why not give some of that love back with the help of Malvensky's charm(ed) jewelry?

A Romanian brand, Malvensky was born from the very simple desire of its creator (Malvina Cervenschi) to give meaningful presents to those close to her heart. Over the past two years it has grown to a deliciously delicate collection of bracelets, necklaces and rings suitable for any occasion.

My favourite? The Christmas star special. A very appropriate match, I would say, since, after all, you should make a wish upon a star, as the saying goes. Or, in the spirit of the season, go for the diamond snowflake necklace, there is nobody who could resist it. And the most wonderful thing of all? Malvina herself still writes all the cards that accompany the items, lending some of her creative and happy energy to all who receive them.

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