Saturday, 29 December 2012

Magic night

As a child, the New Year night was just magic - not only because I got to stay up late without having to receive a sermon from my parents, but because of that holiday atmosphere, of celebration, of champagne, fireworks and well wishes. As I counted down to midnight, I would always try to catch the fleeting moment when the year morphed into a new one, the one spark that signaled it. Needless to say, I never did :) 

What I did do, however, was to keep that feeling of out-of-ordinariness even when I was no longer so impressed by the simple change of a number in the calendar. Therefore, little by little, I took it and transformed it into my favourite kind of magic - the wardrobe kind. Now, New Year's is that one night of the year when I give myself carte blanche to dress as outrageously, as surprisingly or as glamorously as I want. This year, I am dreaming of all out va-va-voom. A dress that takes my breath away. A dress of the kind that Badgley Mischka, my old loves, make. And this year, there's an e-shop to get it from - their very own :)

The news right before Christmas was that the duo had just launched their own e-commerce platform which features everything from gowns to their bridal collection (major eye candy) and accessories. A massive step into the modern, digital age and opening new markets for the designers, the platform includes just the right amount of features to capture our attention (and keep it there) with a Tumblr-esque collection of Badgley Mischka red carpet looks and video with the latest collections. 

If it's true that the designers themselves had to be reminded that they needed to prepare their upcoming show this February after getting too caught up in the launch, imagine what sort of haute couture hole we're likely to fall into. And enjoy it all the way.

PS: How about this for a gown? Magic enough?

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