Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gift for the cold grinch

Say winter and you think of idyllic scenery of white-covered trees and glistening icy lakes with children merrily skating about. In these parts of the world however, say winter and you can take it to mean months and months of below zero temperatures and a freezing, Russian-originating wind. Conditions such as these usually mean that, by the third week or so of cold, style goes out the window and in comes the heavy artillery of thick scarves, big woolen caps and cozy mittens, the combination of which makes you look like a rather shabby and thinner distant cousin of Yeti. A depressing perspective to look forward to. So, this winter, let's make it fun and, dare I say, stylish.

Let's start with the gloves - these cold weather staples aren’t just to keep your fingers from freezing anymore. If the cold days have ruined your plans for wearing your wearing favorite jewelry, don't cry, just wear them on your gloves. Embellished gloves are one of this season's biggest (and most striking) trends and a beautiful gift for everyone, from your mother to your best friend from college. No need to break the bank either - Zara and H&M both have reasonably-priced versions that are sure to catch people's eye.

With winter comes rain, sleet and snow - all the ingredients needed of a bad hair day. Then why not lend a helping hand to your friends by offering them for Christmas the very thing that is guaranteed to keep them feeling warm and dry as well as looking cute to boot. I'm talking, of course, about a hat. From the whimsical to the elegant, from a '40s looking one to contemporary urban chic, you are bound to find it all if you just have a look around. Asos alone has a generous selection you might want to check out. If you're feeling a little bit more generous than that, head on out to net-a-porter - Marc Jacobs' cute polka dot beanie and Mulberry's chunky grey ones would be my picks for the occasion.

A scarf is not only practical, but also a very fashionable accessory for the season. Its use is limited only by imagination and, if properly chosen, it can add an immediate touch of glamour or eccentricity to any look. Narrow or wide, short or long, shawls or scarve-collars, take your pick. This winter you can find it all. 

My recommendation for the season - fur! Just the slightest bit over the top, the fur collar certainly makes any outfit pop and, though luxurious, it can also be incredibly versatile, making it a perfect gift for any style. Even for wearing with your PJs, if you're feeling so inclined :)

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