Thursday, 13 December 2012

Gifts for the Apple lover

We all have at least one of them among our friends. That one person who swears by a Macbook any day of the week, who pre-ordered the iPad when it first came out because she "just had to have it", who subtly manages to slip a "there's an app for that" into any conversation and who reaches for her iPhone more often than she reaches for a glass of water. Whether you find it annoying or cute (who says you're not one too?), they are both the easiest and the hardest people to buy presents for. Easiest, because you know their secret passion, hardest, because they usually have got it all when it comes to the iWorld.

But what if you can help them iActualize their iStyle? How? Just lend them some of your fashion-savvy so they can make a statement with the most stylish cases for the iPhone or the iPad. Because yes, the fashion world has not remained immune to the iBug.

This period's biggest craze? The Marc by Marc Jacobs cases. Opt either for the more classic ones on offer, featuring the fashion house's name in a fancy anagram format, or the super cute and super fun animal illustration cases. Shorty and Katie Bunny seem to be the most popular, but, personally, I would opt for nothing less than Julio - I think the zebra print is wild :)

Another great choice? Lanvin. This is, in fact, always a great choice, because Alber Elbaz is a creative genius (I think I've raved about him before, haven't I?) Available on net-a-porter, they are a clear case (pun intended) of the ultimate tech accessories with a touch of eccentricity, colour and whimsy. The only problem? Choosing between the iPad case and the iPhone one :)

Is your friend a bit of a narcissist and you want to gently poke at this distinctive feature? Just choose a Karl case. Who, if not him, would design a case featuring his profile - times 30?!

Is your friend more of a romantic? Weston and Diane von Furstenberg are the answer.

Loves colour and extravagant things? Go for Swash.

Total glam? Versace, who else?

Or, if you're feeling creative yourself, just stop by Tattooit or Zazzle and make your own, personalized case. Nothing says she is important to you than a case made just for her :)

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