Sunday, 30 December 2012

Guilty pleasure of the day - Brian Atwood jewelry

Brian Atwood is hot. Himself, his shoes, his campaigns. Brian Atwood is not afraid of controversy. About himself, his shoes, his campaigns. Brian Atwood sells... sex. In a sensual, beautiful, confident and straightforward way that you cannot help but love. And now, Brian Atwood also sells jewelry. Jewelry that bears the same sexy, yet aesthetically refined signature we've come to recognize so well.

The six-piece collection includes wrap bracelets, sleek choker necklaces, and architectural cuffs done in gold, leather, hematite, and python skin, and is a must-have. Elegant and modern, they can complete any outfit. 

The inspiration? What if else if not "the sexy shape of a stiletto heel", says the master himself. And the lookbook? Simple and sophisticated, just like the jewelry. And, if I may say so, with a very Tom Ford-ish feel (which is always a good thing in my book).

Feast your eyes!

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