Thursday, 27 December 2012

Shoe of the week - Sophia Webster

Yes, call me crazy if you will, but this is how my mind works... one day (like, say, yesterday) I'm enjoying the Christmas atmosphere with a nice, big cup of hot chocolate in front of the tree and the next, I'm dreaming about summer and wearing my favourite red dress (light as a feather) for a walk in a blooming park. Yes, it's wishful thinking. Or day-dreaming. Or inconsistency. Or plain crazy thinking. Take your pick (by the way, I blame it on the sun this morning which was shining so beautifully through the window...). 

So, if it's summer in my mind, it's all about fun, summery shoes. And today, that means Sophia Webster. Former Nicholas Kirkwood assistant Sophia Webster. More specifically, Yayoi patent-leather and suede sandals in bright pink, yellow and orange, or the colour of candy and bubble gum, carnivals and happy days at the beach. They are fun, they are feminine, they are flirty, they are a statement piece, but still so playful. They are just what's missing in even the most serious of wardrobes.

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