Saturday, 22 December 2012

Gift for the sophisticated romantic

Looking for a gift that's a little bit practical, a little bit luxurious, a little bit indulgent and a little bit beautiful? Dreaming of that movie-like atmosphere which feels sensuous, yet warm? And, most importantly, do you love the flickering of lights in a darkened room to truly unwind from a busy day? If yes, candles may be just the gift for you. And for others. The catch? We're not talking about just any candles.

Deliciously scented candles are one of those frivolous luxuries that feel more like a lifestyle necessity. More so when they come from Voluspa, a niche producer of candles in striking packaging and extraordinarily good scents and an absolute staple of late in the homes of Hollywood's elite. Try one of the classics, such as the Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille (a warmer, deeper scent than your typical vanilla aroma) or one of my personal favourites, the Voluspa Champagne Rose, a light, delicate and luxurious scent based on the crisp blend of whit rose petals and tart cassis berries in a bubbling bath of brut rose champagne. Other options include Pomegranate Patchouli, Black Figue & Chypre and Ambre Lumiere. Completely decadent, incredibly elegant and evidently desirable. 

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