Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Alice in a Christmas Wonderland

In my mind, as a child, Christmas and fairytales intertwined to create a magical world where everything was possible and beautiful, where I could dream and invent and just let my imagination run wild. While I did grow up, some things never change and this is one of them. Whenever Christmas comes about, I relax and turn to my favourite books and movies to get that feeling of magic once more. Or, like this year, I turn to Dior :)

More specifically, to Dior's new presentation (in photo and film) of the latest designs of the still fresh Raf Simons, entitled "An Exceptional Christmas". Sure enough, the designs are exceptional and so is the fantasy land of Alice in Wonderland with handbags floating through the air, geese walking around and giant blossoms growing gracefully through architectural wonders. Dutch model Nimue Smit gives life to this new reinterpretation of my favourite childhood heroine and creates a diaphanous and magical atmosphere before the lens of Koto Bolofo.

Just the thing to get you dreaming on a quiet day like today.

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