Monday, 14 January 2013

The Spring/Summer 2013 campaigns are out (part 6)

A business look needs a power suit, which opens up a lot of issues for women out there, because where do  you find a power suit that is not all straight lines and Iron Lady strict, but actually feminine, and fluid, and gives you a feel-good feeling? Well, most of the times, when you're looking for a good suit, you turn to Italians, and in this case, to Emporio Armani's spring/ summer 2013 collection. Photographed by the Mediterranean sea, the promotional campaign is focused on the brand's superb double and single breasted suit that exude the Italian sensuality without actually baring all that much skin. But more than that, this campaign, which stars Anais Poliout, Daga Ziober, Patricia Van Der Vliet and Arran Sly, uses the backdrop of country-side, wild Italy to create a romantic atmosphere of an idyllic life in soft earthy tones. And to make the story complete, the Italian house has also launched a video which tells of a love story unfolding in the same splendid scenery to a simple and dreamy piano melody.

Another take on soft and delicate is Valentino's view for its Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Very geometrical in presentation, the campaign imagery is, in itself, ethereal. Perhaps even to the point of ghostly, as a result of the muted palette of off-whites and greys of the pictures, the lack of focus and the dream-like postures of the models. Maybe you'll think I'm stretching it, but it almost feels like visual poetry - complete with all the silences and empty spaces that make up for a good poem. A strong candidate for the award for best campaign of the season, if such an award existed.

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