Thursday, 31 January 2013

Red noses for a brighter day

I know it's winter, just as I know that it's likely to continue to be a winter for another month or two. It's just the way the world (and nature) work in these parts. But, even after all these years, I still get slightly depressed when I wake up to a grey and overcast day like today. The thing to make it all better today? And sure, a new pair of shoes from, say, Giuseppe Zanotti would be the best cure-it-all, but in the absence of a fairy godmother, the next best thing is... a little shopping, that benefits me and others, all at the same time.

Just like you can never have too many shoes, you can also never have too many T-shirts - part of the reason why I am so excited to be able to grow my collection with the new Stella McCartney capsule celebrating Red Nose day (on March 15th). The T-shirts themselves are playful and fun, with a series of popular culture icons from Marilyn Monroe to the Beatles and Kate Moss sporting fabulous red noses.

What I love most is that the collection is also available for kids, featuring the cutest giraffe :) The Ts are available in all TK Maxx stores, or online. I'm getting mine now. One of each, that is - I need many red noses to make me laugh with this weather :)

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