Thursday, 10 January 2013

People's (fashion) Choice Awards

One of the most exciting fashion periods of the year is upon us. Yes, last night's (or this morning's, depending on your timezone) People's Choice Awards marked the beginning of that wonderful thing called awards season, a little over one month of weekly sizzling and dazzling looks. This awards' show was indeed lukewarm, but it's what warm-ups are all about: humble preparations for better things to come.

My top 3 choices for best dressed:

1. Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren Collection

Not something I usually say, but kudos to Taylor Swift for throwing us a style curveball. There is nothing that I don't love about this look - it's simple, it's classy, it's sensual, it's grown-up. It's a daring colour (I always feel that wearing white on the red carpet requires a lot of self-confidence), it was excellently accessorized, the hair was pinned up in a beautiful hair-do, the make-up was flawless and the attitude sealed the deal. If she keeps this up, she might be going places :)

2. Naomi Watts in Alexander McQueen

First of all, it's Alexander McQueen - how many times have you seen a fashion miss for someone wearing McQueen? Second, it's sparkly and golden. Third, it's demure from the front and va-va-voom from the back. Need I really say more?

3. Ellen Pompeo in Lanvin

Again, not something I usually (or ever, to my recollection) say. Still, Ellen Pompeo's Lanvin dress was so relaxed and mellow that it completely stood out. And ruled :)

Honourable mentions:

Jennifer Aniston in Dior

It's black, it's equal parts edgy and sweet, with simple styling for the hair and accessories. Nothing we haven't seen before. But the leather Dior piece is still great and you have to give it to girl for looking fabulous. Just a tad... you know, Aniston-y.

Paris Hilton in Mary Katrantzou

I feel I'm repeating myself here (and also living in a freakish nightmare of sorts), but here goes: I don't normally say this. Still, Paris Hilton deserves a nod for trying. I truly love the Katrantzou dress, it's fun, it's flirty, it's modern. But the dress is not really suited for the event, the styling is awful, and ... come on, it's Paris Hilton! My head hurts just for thinking that she could be on the best dressed list.

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