Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jessica Chastain in 'Art Meets Fashion'

If you remember, one of the most disappointing looks at the Golden Globes was, for me, the unflattering dress chosen by Jessica Chastain. And that's because, ever since last year's Oscars and her brilliant Alexander McQueen gown, I've had a secret girl crush on the actress. I love her exquisite natural look, the beautiful shade of red of her hair, the uber-light skin tone and her daring and colourful style choices. Which is why I was so disappointed at the Globes and, then, so thrilled to see her on the cover of W magazine. Better said, on the covers (yes, plural) of W magazine. 

Chastain, sometimes called 'the ultimate muse', lived up to this title as she played muse to four of the most important visual artists of this generation (George Condo, Rineke Dijkstra, Chantal Joffe and Mickalene Thomas) for the W's 'Art Meets Fashion' edition. The results are as different as can be, and, as the actress admitted, the entire process was both interesting and fun: 'I love the feeling of giving myself over to another strong point of view. It’s the best kind of trust - the belief that an artist will take care of me while creating something unique.'

Enjoy! :)

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