Saturday, 12 January 2013

Guilty fashion pleasure of the week - The Alexander McQueen 'Heroine"

Alexander McQueen is known for it's extravagant and avant-garde take on design, which is easily translated into a clear aesthetics for clothes and eye-catching footwear. Yet, when it comes to bags, it's been years since the house has made any big splash, the signature Skull Clutches notwithstanding. Yet this past summer, they've introduced a bag design that I find myself inamoured with... drooling over... pining and coveting. 

Interestingly, it's a far cry from what you'd expect a McQueen handbag to be, with its elegant, and classic, and structured style. Described by McQueen as a "timeless luxury piece" (agreed!), the Heroine (an interesting name choice I'd say) is the luxe love child of the satchel and the doctor's bag, with a teardrop profile and short, tote-style handles. I love the cut-out flap, even though it makes it slightly uncomfortable (but what is comfort in the face of beauty?!), as well as the expandable side zippers that make it such a modern classic. And I just love the many combinations of leathers and colours that it is available in, which transform it into the perfect accessory for any look. 

At the nifty price tag is sports, it's bound to stay a very distant guilty pleasure... but hey, I can at least admire it on the arm of some of my favourite actresses :)

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