Tuesday, 29 January 2013

SAG 2013 - only the worst

Yesterday, we documented the best and most beautiful looks from the SAG 2013 red carpet, and it was quite the line-up. The Sunday awards show certainly gave us plenty to behold. Unfortunately, it failed to stop only at the positive. As a result, today we have a line-up of a different kind. A reverse kind. 

Here are my 5 top worst dressed ladies of the evening:

1) Anne Hathaway - Oh, Anne, and you were doing so well! The gown she chose for the SAG is barely a couple of days old, as it was only unveiled last week as part of Giambattista Valli's Spring Couture line. It was a splendid dress on the runway and it pains me to put it on this here list, but, unfortunately, it failed to translate its beauty on the red carpet. On Miss Hathaway, the dress had nothing of its former appeal, looking drab, unfitted and somewhat deflated, after having lost all of the flare of the skirt which gave it a twist. The result is very similar to a girl who has yet to grow any breasts trying on her mother's clothes. Anne, do step it up next time, please!

2) Freida Pinto - Why, oh why? I complained that you were missing from the Golden Globes because I thought you would amaze us, but, had I known the kind of amazement you had in store, I would have spared on my enthusiasm. The Roland Mouret dress was a bold move of the kind we are accustomed to expect from this dark beauty, but this time, it flopped before taking flight. The bright colour makes a striking statement against miss Pinto's skintone, but with the fluid drape of the dress and its floor-length, it manages more to swallow her whole. Watch out for the pink human-eating dress monster!

3) January Jones - Maybe it's because I've grown so used to the elegant look of Betty Draper and I lack the imagination to see her beyond this persona, but I've always failed to understand her fashion sense. And this is just the latest example of it. JJ (*smirk*) used the SAG 2013 to don a fashion forward dress from Prabal Gurung's pre-fall 2013 collection - a laudable attempt. If only she'd let the dress as it was, namely short. Adding the extra material to make it floor-length managed only to transform an otherwise striking dress into a banal white and black combination, which swallows her up from the waist down and eats her up from the waist up. The look was also not helped by the bouffant do - was she going for a Jersey Shore vibe that I couldn't get?

4) Julie Bouwer - It's a leather gown. Leather. I understand risks, really I do, but it's a leather gown. Not on the red carpet. Not like this. No.

5) Jaimie Alexander - The Marc Bouwer dress is a sculptural beauty, so I understand her appeal for the dress. I understand where her passion came from. I understand the gamble. Talking about understanding, I don't think, however, that Jaimie Alexander understood the dress. She did not understand the attitude, the aplomb, the confidence you need to pull it off. The personality. Like this, it felt like the dress was wearing her. And she was the junior invited to prom and choosing a showy dress, only to have people raise an eyebrow.

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