Thursday, 17 January 2013

The not-so-good looks of the Golden Globes (part 1)

This could also be named the 'why, why, why' column. You know, as in 'why, why, why did you wear that?!' Apart from the gorgeous gowns that blew us away, the red carpet also had its share of fashion missteps. And it's a long list, with some names that really should have no place here. What were they thinking?

I'll start with:

Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein - I love the 'seafoam' colour and the daring cut for the usually classic Chastain, but what's up with the fit? Did her tailor seek revenge on her? Did she lose 10 kilos right before the ceremony? She forgot to look in the mirror? It's a pity I have to say this about the lovely redhead actress, who I'm usually a big fan of, but this ... dress truly leaves much to be desired. Swimming in it does not a good look make.

Halle Berry in Versace - Anyone with this body would love nothing more than to show it off with every possible opportunity, but there are times when too much really is too much. And this Versace number, as sexy as it may have been meant to be, carried too much punch to make any sense - the print, the careless slices at the midriff and thigh, the bodice which was just a tad too tight and the slightly see-through material. Taken on the whole, it screamed more to be worn at the beach over a cute bikini than on the red carpet at a major awards' ceremony.

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior Haute Couture - Really? I mean... really? This is the best that Ms. Cotillard could come up with for the Golden Globes? I've seen her wear better outfits to much less formal events. I appreciate it's a Christian Dior, proving once more her prefference for the classic masters, but the drape that eats half her dress and belt, the asymmetrical length and the mini-train in the back which seems to just be limping there, the drab hair and the shoes that clash - they all spell a style disaster. A very sad story, really.

Emily Blunt - It is so rare to see this gorgeous actress take a style misstep, and yet... how else could one classify this pea-green dress? The hue does nothing for her skin tone, the lace is reminiscent of an old bedspread and the cut... well, it's just wrong. On top of it all, did they think that the dress was not bad enough so they added two side cutouts for fun? There is something in this look that I just don't get.

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu - First, a confession - I think Kerry Washington is one of the most beautiful women alive. And I've been completely in awe of the style she's been rocking recently to promote 'Django Unchained'. I mean, talk about stepping up your game. Unfortunately, at the Golden Globes she dropped the ball. The Miu Miu dress had so much potential if only (IF ONLY) her skin-coloured sheath had actually matched her skin colour and had also continued all the way down, instead of stopping inestetically above the knees. Miss Washington, please take a cue from Jennifer Lopez on how it's done and try again.

Giuliana Rancic in Celia Kritharioti - A lady of usually good taste, Giuliana Rancic took her fashion cue from Morticia Adams when she dressed for the Golden Globes in an ill-advised gothic number. All that black, the lace and nude material that completely obliterated the upper side of the chest and the high neckline that seemed close to choking her to death was not one of her best choices. And the worst part? She was on TV for hours on end, scaring viewers with her outfit.

... to be continued ...

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