Monday, 28 January 2013

SAG 2013 - only the best

Award season keeps rolling on, and thunderingly so, if the SAG is the case in point. With a backdrop of gloomy weather, the stars had no easy task of shining on the red carpet, yet there was, thankfully, quite a bit of shining and some bright colours to liven up the mood. The Screen Actors Guild Awards are generally considered a trial run for the Oscars. I hope that's true of fashion as well, because I've seen some nice outfits on this red carpet and, if taken just one step up, as is the norm for the Oscars, the Sunday of February 24th will be a mighty stylish one. 

Here are my favourite 10 looks from last night:

1) Marion Cotillard - She's back! Thankfully! After that red/orange neither-here-nor-there dress she chose for the Golden Globes, this time Marion stood out for all the right reasons. In a sea of column dresses (which, don't get me, look great on the right person), her impressive Christian Dior white bodice with deep blue asymmetrical skirt was a delight. Different, but elegant, very French, very Dior, simple and stunning. I also loved how clean she kept the look, with perfectly coiffed hair and minimal accessories (although, if she'd wanted to achieve perfection, black was not the colour of shoes she should have opted for).

2) Helen Hunt - Another beautiful (beautiful, beautiful, beautiful) look from the stunning 50-year old. I am always in awe of women aging gracefully and how some are able to retain their stunning persona by simply being confident in themselves and not worrying about age. Helen Hunt's look tonight was the perfect example of this - her platinum beaded mermaid dress by Romona Keveza (a designer best known for her stunning wedding dresses!) and all its sparkle was only surpassed by the happy glow of the actress. This is what I think a sexy woman needs to look like!

3) Nicole Kidman - This dress may not be all that I know Nicole Kidman could be capable of pulling off, but I loved it for two main reasons: first, because I don't know many stars brave enough to wear a Vivienne Westwood on the red carpet (which is a real shame) and two, because it showed that the blonde actress had not forgotten that she's beautiful and sexy. Mrs. Kidman is one classy lady and her outfits are always chosen to reflect her delicate and natural elegance, but this look was the clear example that just a bit of oomph will do no harm, quite the opposite.

4) Jessica Chastain - Jessica Chastain and Alexander McQueen make a heavenly match. After 'that' dress from last year's Oscar ceremony, this must be one of the fiery actress' best look in the British designer. Channeling her inner Jessica Rabbit, Chastain chose a very va-va-voom red dress which clung to her body drawing a beautiful hour-glass silhouette. It was classy and sexy and beautiful, all the best words to describe any dress.

5) Amanda Seyfried - The young actress joined a long line of actresses wearing different variations on blue (including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Lange), but, leaving this uniformity detail aside, her Zac Posen choice was right in all respects. The navy colour strikingly complemented her enviable waves, the shape was simple, elegant and perfectly fitted, yet made instantly youthful with her choice of a long, art-deco pendant. I like a woman who is not afraid of bringing her own personal touch.

6) Kerry Washington - As I've said on numerous other occasions, white is not an easy colour to pull off on a gown anywhere but at a wedding, and God knows we've seen our fair share of white lately, enough to declare ourselves satisfied for one decade to come. Nevertheless, I love that Washington chose it! There is no other coloristic choice that would have had a greater, more striking effect against her skin tone. Furthermore, the cut of the Rodarte gown and the slightly antagonistic details, like the delicate studs on the carpet and the lace accented small train, were a lesson in how to make sweet look edgy with aplomb.

7) Nina Dobrev - A breath of fresh, spring air. This is what Nina Dobrev brought onto the red carpet with her bright pink Elie Saab gown. Fitted to perfection, with subtle side laced cuts, the dress looked flawless and elegant, even if it kept its slightly casual feel. Dobrev's monochromatic approach to accessories and her simple hairdo only added to the beauty of her look, undoubtedly one of the most remarkable of the evening.

8) Naomi Watts - Form-fitting and beautiful cut? Check. Intricate detailing for a subtly sophisticated look? Check. Flowing locks and a bright pink lip colour? Check. Naomi Watts was, once again, a complete and utter vision of style. I adored her Marchesa metallic silver embroidered gown and was once again convinced that if there is one actress out there capable of switching it up AND always managing to keep her own style, it is this Australian beauty.

9) Jessica Lange - Proof number two that beauty and sensuality have nothing to do with age. Jessica Lange looked amazing in her J.Mendel dark blue dress with draped subtle detailing over the upper part and a flowing, light skirt. I may have complained that the colour was featured on many, but I feel that, for a woman in her 60s, dark blue may be a more flattering alternative to the drastic feel of black, allowing for a look that is on the lighter style of classic elegance.

10) Sarah Hyland - Prints are another difficult thing to pull off on the red carpet, as is such a tricky colour like the bright violet number Miss Hyland chose for the SAG awards. But her bet paid off and the abstract print was subtle enough to be eye-catching, but not overwhelming, while the sexy simplicity of the Dolce & Gabbana dress made for a sophisticated overall look.

Honourable mentions:

Jennifer Lawrence - I love that I did not have to wait long to see a Christian Dior Spring 2013 Couture dress in full action. This being said, I had really hoped it would have been one of the more striking gowns in the collection. Sadly, with its dark navy blue nuance (the colour of choice of too many a stars) and the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction just as the beautiful star walked up to receive her award, I just cannot be convinced that it was the best choice out there.

Kiernan Shipka - Simply adorable. The cute 'Mad Men' young star chose an Oscar de la Renta pretty petal-pink dress with silver and white embellishments and silver Oscar de la Renta silver nappa peep-toes. A choice with which she could hardly go wrong. The overall effect was stylish, yet age-appropriate and she looked completely at ease with her couture choice. Can you only imagine what this young lady is capable of in the future, if she can already rock Oscar like she just did? :)

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