Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Best looks at the Golden Globes 2013

The Golden Globes, so eagerly awaited, have come and gone. And left us none the wiser, if you ask me, because it was... well, a rather disappointing affair. Yes, we had celebs lining up the whole length of the red carpet, yes, we had some exceptional designers for the gowns they chose, but somehow, at the end of it all, I just felt like it all fell a little bit short. Call me picky, I don't mind :)

So, after sifting through the photos and footage from the event for a whole day, I think I'm ready to share my list of loves, oks and no-way-in-hells. You'll undoubtedly notice that some dresses did not even get a mention - that's probably because they were so run-of-the-mill that I failed to properly register them in my mind. Now, just 'cause I want to feel optimistic, I'll start with my favourite outfits - because yes, there were a few of them and I absolutely adored them.

1) Zac Posen. Or, better said, Naomi Watts and Glenn Close in Zac Posen. 21 years apart and miles of style apart, the two ladies both totally rocked the red carpet in their bold, yet understated looks. Naomi Watts was by far my 'most' favourite of the two, if only because of that colour - who else could pull off that oxblood nuance? Who else would think of it?! Naomi did and it looks stunning on her, while the cut of the dress, so easy flowing and natural and with the amazing cut-out back was sure to grab everyone and anyone's attention. On the other hand, Glenn Close chose a beautiful dark blue gown with a more severe cut which flattered her and made her look absolutely fabulous. And young. A true lady.

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera - I know many might disagree with me on this one, as I've already seen the look on some "misses" list. For me, however, this was one of the best looks of the evening, for exactly the same reasons why so many hated it - it's daring, it's fresh, it's over-the-top and a little bit overwhelming for such a petite actress like the lovely Lucy Liu. But she pulled it off with spring perfection :)

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen - One word: sculptural. For a long while there, I thought Kate Hudson's stylish days were over. But tonight, the beautiful actress was back in top form with a typical McQueen gown - dazzling, jaw-droppingly beautiful and with plenty of intriguing details, from the intricate beadwork around the neck to the keyhole cut-out and interesting golden belt.

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford - As always, Julianne Moore was gorgeous. I don't know how she does it, it may be the hair, it may be her natural beauty, it may be the attitude, but I simply love how she can make even the simplest outfits look impressively memorable. Take this white and black number from Tom Ford - it's not what you would pick off the top of your mind for the red carpet, yet it was, without a doubt, truly singular and elegant.

Helen Mirren in Marchesa - Now more than ever, I am convinced that Helen Mirren is like good wine - she just gets better with time. The Marchesa column gown she chose for the Globes was nothing if not simple, but the well-placed details around the neckline and waist create a gorgeous and sophisticated hourglass silhouette. With delightful curls and very clean accessories, the actress outshone many of her younger 'colleagues'. 

Salma Hayek in Gucci Premiere - An absolutely superb look in Gucci Premiere. Leaving her usual favourite look of a bit (or more) cleavage to show off the 'girls' at home, Salma Hayek was a vision of elegance and refined sensuality. I particularly liked how what would have been an otherwise quite bland look was lifted up a notch by that fancy side bow and the interesting material with the sparkling effect. This is how it's done. 

Anne Hathaway in Chanel - That haircut sure is working wonders on this Brooklyn beauty, giving her the confidence to choose and pull off to perfection some very daring fashion looks. Tonight was no exception. It was, I believe, the best lesson in the elegance of simplicity I've ever seen. Anne chose a snow white Chanel gown encrusted in glittering crystals, with a structured top that flared out delicately at the waist, and very simple jewelry. The result was memorable, as in you will always remember her on this red carpet and wonder how she managed to look this stunning with this little.

Taylor Swift - They grow up so fast! Maybe all those relationships gone bad serve as more than inspiration for new songs, but also as a lesson in maturity, because this is the only way I can explain to myself how the pretty teen with princess-y blonde locks and ultra-sparkly gowns transformed, overnight, into the sensual young lady we saw on this red carpet. This is the best way I've seen anyone pull off a mermaid dress. 

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture - I just knew she had it in her and, after a rather disappointing run on the red carpets lately, she was simply stunning this time around. Perfectly timed for her moment in the spotlight after winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a musical or comedy. The dress is perfection - the hue glowed against the tanned skin, the metallic belt was a subtle detail to draw attention to the wasp waist and the bodice was simple, yet with a twist. Welcome back to the best dressed list, Miss Lawrence.

Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney - Wearing anything short of an evening gown to an event like this is similar to committing fashion suicide. But you've got to love the boldness and self-confidence of Amy Poehler to rock a tuxedo. She looked simply gorgeous and with no less va-va-voom touch thanks to a tuxedo that plunged to show off a blinged-out decolletage (Chopard, no less). How can you not love her?

Stacy Keibler in Armani Prive - Ordinarily, this look would have merely earned an honourable mention, but then I had a different thought. The stripe effect given by the delicate silver lines give the dress a whimsical feel which complements so well Stacy's own playfulness and sincere smile. I like that she's chosen something that works so well both with her physique and her psyche and she looks, as always, beautiful. I think I understand the appeal for George :)

Coming up next - the in-between dresses :) Stay tuned!

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