Sunday, 6 January 2013

A high-fashion story, in comic book style

High-fashion and manga are usually not two topics that would go together in the same sentence, at least not in my world. But it seems I'm just being overly traditional and I should really get with the times, have a broader vision. That's what Gucci's lead creative force thinks, anyhow, as she's just collaborated with well-known Japanese manga artist Hirohiko Arak to create the comic strip story of fictional character Jolyne's journey through life after she inherits a Gucci keepsake from her mother. Apart from the actual story, the comic also uses the latest 2013 cruise collection as inspiration, working its colours and graphic undertones into the artwork. In fact, most everything, from the iconic flora pattern to some of the collection's signature pieces are fused within this tasteful manga.

Giannini is thrilled by the collaboration, having declared it as one of the "most enjoyable" partnerships she's had during her career. So thrilled that the artwork will grace the windows of over 70 Gucci stores across the world, starting from the 3rd of January until mid-February (Bucharest is apparently not on the list *sigh*). As Giannini said, "The characters that Hirohiko has conceived combine an energy, sensuality and appeal that brings my Cruise collection to life in such a fun and compelling way. I am quite sure his window installations will stop people in their tracks in cities around the world as they immerse themselves in the fabulous fantasy world he has created." I'm also sure. And sad I won't be able to see it live. Pictures will have to do.

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