Thursday, 17 January 2013

The not-so-good looks of the Golden Globes (part 2)

And the list continues...

Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci - Why, why, why? The petite actress usually knows so well what works for her, so it's surprising to see such a major misstep from her, especially as she's wearing a custom gown (custom as in made specifically and only for her). The dress, with its deep neckline, thigh-high split and open back, sure did bring drama - the drama of a bad look that made the beautiful Latina seem short and bulky. Sure enough, the Snooki puff she was rocking did nothing to help.

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen - Of all the Alexander McQueen gowns out there, why did she have to pick this one? Nicole has such a sculptural frame and an elegant figure that it's usually difficult to make a wrong choice. And yet this one has too much going on, from the golden ornaments around the neckline to the sheer material covering the midriff area and the lines of material over the same area. A beautiful woman needs much less to show off her looks.

Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton - It pains me to have to put yet another beautiful and talented actress on this list, but this look does not do her any favours. In fact, it looks more like, in a panic over having nothing to wear, she picked up any old office dress and added some polka dotted materials to turn it into an evening gown. Sadly, this is not usually what lands you on the right side of style.

Alyssa Milano - Alyssa, run... the dress is looking to swallow you whole. For a moment, I thought I'd missed her pregnancy announcement, but then I realized that this was just a very unfortunate drape. As well as a most unfortunate colour, which clashes with her skin tone and with her turquoise accessories. So, take a bad shape, an unflattering colour and a too long dress and what do you have? A spot on the worst dressed list.

Emily Mortimer in Jenny Packham - No, no, no! I am all one for appreciating this English rose's attempt at daring fashion, but, unfortunately, the silver sequin gown was just that little bit too tight and clung in all the wrong places. Perhaps it would have worked if the neckline were not as high and the cut not quite as austere, but on this occasion there was nothing to save it from looking as if the Tin Man got into designing evening wear.

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