Monday, 7 January 2013

Shoe of the week - Anastasia Radevich

There are two ways to see shoes. The first is from an utilitarian perspective, as the necessary protection for the feet from cold and injury. The second is from a hedonistic perspective, as beautiful pieces of accessory that complement your vision of yourself and, most importantly, give you pleasure. Over time, our view has evolved naturally from the first to the latter and the past few decades have opened up the door to a new influx of creativity and individuality in the design of shoes.

The contemporary world is, if you will, a kind of white canvas - any design goes and shoe "artists" have the freedom to play as they will with shapes and colour. One of the best collections I've seen to illustrate the power of contemporary craftsmanship is Anastasia Radevich's Dreamfall spring/summer 2011 collection. By fashion standards, I will admit it, it's not quite fresh out of the oven, but I truly believe these are collectibles! Shoes that you buy for their beauty and that will be just as breathtaking, unique and modern even in 10 years from now.

The Canadian footwear designer with Belarussian origins trained with the greats, namely Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood, before working up the courage to fly on her own and this experience shows. The shoes are original and make a powerful statement. They're not for the faint of heart. They demand a powerful woman, one who's not afraid to be out and be seen, to face the world with a brave smile and a dignified posture. They are the shoes for the kind of woman I hope to be.

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