Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The in-between looks of the Golden Globes

Sadly, the Golden Globes' red carpet was full of looks that were not displeasing to the eye, but neither were they all that much to talk about. I'm speaking of style choices that were neither here, nor there - they did not make me fall head over heels, nor will I probably remember them two weeks from now, but the actresses sure do deserve a nod. After all, they managed to stay off the worst dressed list, didn't they? :)

Here are my choices:

Sienna Miller in Erdem - The British bombshell, who was nominated for her starring role in the mini-series 'The Girl', chose a daring look for her walk down the red carpet. Never one to shy away from a fashion challenge, Sienna chose an Erdem floral-embroidered crop top and skirt very much reminiscent of the 60s and the Twiggy era - an outfit which was not for everyone's fancy. While I am the first to admit that it was not my favourite look of the evening, she does deserve kudos for stepping outside of the norm with a girly and romantic look and very natural beauty. It was, I'd say, quite refreshing to behold.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad - A match made in heaven. The shocking, long-sleeved gown with a sheer overlay of beautiful lace was as clear an example as possible as to why their style collaboration works - this has got to be one of the best looks of the 'naked underneath' illusion that I've ever seen. You're probably now wondering why, if I sound so smitten about this particular dress, it did not make its way onto the best dressed list. Well, the reason is that, no matter how great it fit Jennifer, it's nothing special. The first time I saw her, I nearly passed onto the next photo without registering because it was so J.Lo did this before - where's the thrill, the memorability, the emotion?

Claire Danes in Versace - Yes, the lady had a baby one month ago so, as far as that is concerned, she looks stunning. And the dress is, in itself, quite beautiful - a bright shade that compliments Ms. Danes' complexion and blonde locks, a beautiful wrap-around fit that emphasizes her shape and a plunging neckline that showed just enough. Still, it's still too bland for a best-dressed look, there's no remarkable feature. It is, at the end, just a good-looking dress.

Katharine McPhee in Theyskens' Theory - How can you not love that dress? It's Olivier Theyskens, it's black and sexy and cut in all the right places, without it being too much. It's no more and no less than a balancing act and it holds its equilibrium perfectly. But the styling... the styling was off! The sandals with the transparent plastic strap (goodbye elegant sexy, hello hooker style), the puffed-up frizzy do, the chunky bracelet with no connection with the earrings... these all ruined the look for me. Such a terrible pity.

Megan Fox - The dress is gorgeous, hands down. And the shape does wonders to flatter the lady's natural curves. No argument there either. Even the styling was right, with the old-Hollywood bombshell hair and the 'come hither' make-up. But that colour? The diaphanous look on Megan Fox? No no no! She's got the sass, the attitude and the poise to make a more va-va-voom look work. This nude number is way too tame to do her justice.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Laurent - High fashion galore. This is what a supermodel looks like - the dress was very Slimane-esque, showcasing her tall, wispy figure, with a beautiful ruffled neckline and a thick leather belt cinching the waist. But that Angelina Jolie thigh-high split? You're gonna beat that leg, so don't even try.

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