Friday, 11 January 2013

The Spring/Summer 2013 campaigns are out (part 5)

After Saskia de Brauw, Karmen Pedaru has to be the most prolific model to star in this season's big advertising campaigns. The Estonian stunner scored no less than three - Hugo by Hugo Boss, Gucci and, of course, Michael Kors, where she returns for her fifth (if I am not mistaken) consecutive campaign. A different look altogether, Karmen Pedaru stands for a natural and healthy beauty, sporty femininity and played-down sensuality. The perfect match for these brands.

I'll start off with the Hugo Boss campaign, simply because I feel it is the "cleanest" of them all. Studio shot by Alexei Hay, the campaign imagery is very uncomplicated and direct. 'Point and shoot' images of Karmen and model Sean O'Pry wearing feature outfits from the collection, natural make-up, easy poses. Which is why it is so striking. It is so simple and with no distractions that your eyes just settle immediately on the clothes and stay there. And before you know it, you've been staring at that dress for so long it's moved up a notch on your wishlist without you even being aware that you wanted it. Yes, I'm that easy to convince. Sometimes :)

The imagery of the Michael Kors Spring/ Summer campaign is just as straightforward as we've come to expect from the brand. Snapshots of life - this is how you would define their campaigns and I love it. I love that they feel so natural, as if someone just took pictures of real, normal people. And I love how it adds context for the clothes. Sure, it's not as visually striking as other campaigns, but it makes you feel you can relate to the clothes and it makes you imagine a similar situation in your life and what would have happened if you would have been wearing that outfit. This time around, the theme is the glamed up version of the perfect American holiday - a good looking couple, gorgeous old-style convertible, blow-dried hair and splendid eyewear.  Another leading character in the photos - the luxurious accessories, from the watches to the bags, at once high class and opulent.

Saving the best for last - Gucci. A fashion house that, since the early days of Tom Ford, I associate with classy sexiness and high-maintenance elegance (and I mean this is in the best way). Which is why I always expect a bit of glam, a touch of panache and a dash of overt sensuality. So imagine my surprise when, instead, I was treated to a minimalist and modern view of the Gucci woman. Shot by photographer duo Mert and Marcus, models Karmen Pedaru and Anja Rubik adopt gorgeous states of repose, showcasing more subdued feminine silhouette - a far cry from the extravagant looks of previous seasons. I feel the wind of change.

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