Friday, 2 November 2012

Weekend plans

With blind faith in the accuracy of my Accuweather iPhone app and fingers crossed as an additional protective measure (you can never be to sure with these things), I am preparing for yet another beautiful and unusually warm weekend. Clue word: best Indian summer ever!

On the menu: Saturday brunch tradition continued in the company of my favourite ankle boots (the dictionary definition of high-heeled comfort and funk), a walk in the park for the best autumn chromatic inspiration and, of course, a visit to Autor – the contemporary jewelry fair. 

Having reached its eight edition already, and making me nostalgic remembering my youth at the moment of its modest inaugural edition, the event continues its mission to showcase an interesting selection of authentic accessories created and (mostly) handcrafted by over 40 young Romanian designers. As the accessorizing fanatic that I am, this event is a must on my list and I am super-excited to see what precious little gems I will discover this time around :)

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