Friday, 2 November 2012

My 10 picks for the season

It’s November and, even though you cannot really tell from the weather we’re currently having, this means that winter is just around the corner. Something that to me basically translates into very bad news, since I am terrible with the cold, depressed by the lack of sun and generally against any kind of liquid or semi-liquid things coming down from the sky. For all these reasons, it seems that every year, winter catches me off guard and it is not unlikely to see me scurrying around shops in the beginning of January (when, naturally, shops are out of stock due to, you know, Christmas shopping) to get a warmer jacket or some boots that not only look nice, but are also waterproof (a concept I seem to have yet to grasp completely). But this year, I promised myself it was going to be different and, under the influence of many an inspiring fall-winter collections, I decided to rebel against the 20 degrees Celsius outside and make a list of my personal 10 must-haves for the cold season.

1) The parka – The first essential thing, in winter, is to stay warm and, unless you consider ski gear as city wear appropriate, the parka is the way to go. Of course, the versatile item has been around for some seasons now, but I never really got one since I considered it too hipstery. Still, after barely making it through last year’s colder than cold winter, this year, I am buying myself a nice, fluffy and super-warm parka. On the plus side, with its drawstring waists, numerous pockets and windproof collars, this is going one practical coat.

2) The multi-fabric coat – Cold aside, there are also those days when you want to feel a little more put-together. The parka may keep you warm, but what about showing of your figure and personal style a little? For moments such as these, an overcoat is needed and my season favourite is well structured, tight on the waist (I feel strongly that this is a must during winter) and … multi-fabric. A sucker for combinations of fabrics ever since I can remember, I am in love with this year’s coats that combine the traditional winter jacket materials with leather – it brings just the right amount of edginess to an otherwise classic look and can make you look like the real ideal style icon. If you want to be even more in with the trend, why not try a coat in one of the colours of the moment? My vote goes to burgundy.  

 3) Knits – Knitted sweaters used to be the dreaded accompaniment to winter, those ugly, bulky things that our grandma used to make for us and which, out of love and, yes, guilt, we wore while silently cursing their un-coolness. Flash forward a couple years and bam! Knits are stealing the spotlight and for good reason, because this year, what we are admiring is what you’d call haute knitwear. Goodbye grandma and hello glam! The seemingly infinite selection of knits for this winter, which range from comfy oversized cardigans to asymmetrical cuts, embellishments and fun patterns, is getting a lot of headway into changing our predetermined idea that knitwear is passé. So, while it’s usually difficult for me to get excited about cold weather, this assortment of cozy sweaters sure does help.

4) Metallics – It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but it is one trend that I don’t seem to get enough of. With a wide range of shades to choose from this season, ranging from blackened silver to pewter or dusty rose gold, metallic garments are THE easiest way to spice up an outfit 2 seconds before rushing out the door. Whether you want to keep it casual, with a soft metallic blouse (loving the ones from Derek Love), take a cue directly from the runway and translate it into fabulous fall party wear or just spice up an ordinary outfit with the right kind of “bling”, the metallic trend is your easy go-to weapon of choice.

5) Prints & graphics – A more of an Emanuelle Alt counterpart at heart (think block, muted colours and sleek silhouettes), I have always been a little bit intimidated by the sheer visual force of the right print. Still, because fashion should occasionally be about stepping out of your comfort zone, and also because I have been dreaming at night about some of this season’s exciting prints, I will be scouting the shops for just the right ones. One thing I love is how prints, whether we’re talking about a flowery number, a neatly geometric pattern or something straight out of a bespoke men’s cravat, turn the basic pieces that I go for (such as tailored trousers or a well-cut dress) into something worth talking about. If you are feeling adventurous, pair two prints in complementary shades. If not, just pair it down with a leather jacket or a classic coat that will give the look the classic feel you’re aiming for.

Honourable mentions to round up our top 10:

6) Statement pieces – No surprises here. Present in our wardrobes for seasons now, under different shapes and colours, this winter, statement pieces are getting an extra ounce of glamour – just the stuff needed to fill that letter I'm preparing for Santa.

7) Pencil skirts – Longtime a symbol of the ultimate in sophistication and femme fatale sensuality, this winter, pencil skirts get a refreshing update, with a younger feel and a more modern aesthetic. Paired effortlessly with a delicate lace top and an oversized knit, this has got to be one of the most perfect looks for the season.

8) Baroque reinvented – Thanks to ornate, intricate detailing and gilded frames, the drama of the baroque period has definitely captured my attention this season. Inspired by Michelangelo's 16th century works, borrowing volutes and spiraling shapes that climb up the female body, this new trend adds the right dash of old-school sophistication and has me already dreaming of a warm, gold-toned Christmas evening. 

9) New silhouette shoes – In what seems to be the key word for this winter, the classic riding boot (still a best buy idea, by the way) has been reinvented into THE look of the season, while wedge ankle boots get a more urban feel.

10) Studs – As any urban warrior worthy of the name knows already, studs are a must-have in our wardrobes. It just makes taking your usual look up one notch by simply adding these staples to boots, shoes, bags – basically to anything you can think of. And if you are still not convinced that studs can be chic, just look at Valentino’s “Noir” collection – if the master of couture has given his approval, who are we to say otherwise?

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