Thursday, 29 November 2012

Change in our lives

The last post that appeared on this blog was published exactly two weeks today and spoke of the three Ms we'd all been anticipating (and secretly craving) for months - the Maison Martin Margiela collection for H&M. Why the sudden silence after? Yes, it could be argued that seeing the clothes (but mostly the accessories) in person may have had such an impact on me that it left me speechless. Or else, that in the battle that was the opening day, I got stumped on by fashionistas from all over the country and needed to recover. Yet none of them is quite the right version of the truth.

The reason for my absence was brought about by, coincidentally, another M I had been waiting for months. Nine, to be precise :) Matthew is now two weeks old, but growing up fast and amazing us every single day. Coming home with him required a bit of an adjustment, but we're now getting the hang of it and loving and every minute. And just in time for the month of Christmas cheer and warm, holiday spirit. Here's to a magic December and many magic moments to come - plus a blog updated on a more regular basis :)

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