Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Guilty pleasure of the day - the golden tattoo

I've always liked tattoos. Not the ones covering every inch of skin on an oversize, wife-beater wearing moustached hombre, but the delicate ones you get to catch a glimpse of every once in a while, sticking discreetly out from underneath a shirt cuff or when the hair is blown from the back of a beautiful girl's neck. For me, these can be such nice complements to your fashion style - a subtle way of expressing your personality, your beliefs and your outlook on life. This is why, whenever I peek a tattoo, I always wonder about the story behind it and usually lose myself in the possibilities :)

If until now I've never been quite brave or decided enough to get one myself, now I've finally made up my mind - I'm getting one this Christmas. But not just any tattoo, but a fabulous gold one - Dior's limited edition golden temporary tattoos :) 

Available in limited quantity, the jewel-like creations, designed by the ever amazing Camille Miceli, the house's Jewelry Desginer, are made using 24-carat gold leafing and feature such incredible details as fancy cuffs, exquisite chain bracelets, playful charms and delicate rings. The perfect complement for a glamorous, extravagant and different version of Christmas Eve.

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