Sunday, 4 November 2012

In the fashion news this week

A new limited edition design for Evian - Every so often for the past few years, Evian introduces a limited edition collector set of water bottles which usually sets the tone for most beautiful and cool product packaging. From Gaultier to Issey Miyake to Courreges, the choice the company makes for their partner in crime is never easy to predict, and this year was no exception. Earlier this week, it was announced that Diane von Furstenberg was the latest designer (and the first women) to create a limited-edition Evian bottle. According to von Furstenberg, the collaboration came about naturally: "I have drunk Evian all my life, ever since I was a tiny, tiny, tiny little girl." (That's one too many tiny for me) The 750 ml bottle features the DVF heart logo, as well as the text "Water is life is love is life is water..." in the designer's unmistakable handwriting. While it is beautiful, I have to admit it does not even come close to Jean-Paul Gaultier's and Baccarat's 2009 Evian collection - a stunning design that will be hard to top.

Kylie Minogue to launch fashion book - When all else fails (and by that I mean the things you are really good at), what is there left to do but to set your sights on the fashion industry? Launch your own line or, if that doesn't work well either, write a fashion book. The latest to follow down this path is Australia's petite darling Kylie Minogue, who is releasing a book commemorating a quarter of a century of fashion throughout her career, featuring some of the most important designers that worked with her, from Gaultier to Galliano or Dolce & Gabbana and, of course, her show-stopping outfits (like the golden hotpants of the video for "Spinning around" that nobody can forget). Kylie/Fashion hits bookshelves November 19.

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange goes into fashion - Or, at the very least, his public persona did, after Vivienne Westwood created an unisex T-shirt with a picture of herself on the front and the text "I'm Julian Assange". The T-shirt retails for 40 GBP on the designer's website and all proceeds will be redirected to support the activity of WikiLeaks. 

Romanian designer Dorin Negrau launches Spring/Summer 2013 collection - Celebrating 20 years of fashion activity, Dorin Negrau has just successfully launched one his best collections to date. "Lost - tradition in modernity" is a 30-dress capsule which reinterprets traditional Romanian costumes of Transilvania for the contemporary woman, with ethereal materials like veils, muslin, satin and cotton combined seamlessly with fur and lace. One of the most beautiful details about the collection is its inspiration: the designer admitted that the idea came about from a costume created by his own grandmother some 50 years ago - talk about honouring the past.

The Seven Deadly Sins - Such is the name of Autumn/Winter collection of BONE by Ioana Liliana Gheorghe jewelry. Inspired by the seven sins thus categorized by the Christian Church, namely lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, all the pieces of the collection are slated with gold and feature personalized details, while the colours of the gemstones symbolically correspond to the sin they are associated with. Now this is one collection that will have us lusting over it for some time. All the necklaces are available on

Black dinner – This past week, to properly inaugurate the collaboration between Romanian brand "Pas du Tout" by Madalina Dorobantu and the ultra-cool The Place Concept Store, a fresh capsule collection was added to the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. Following the same design directions, namely the designer's personal preference for a darker chromatic and its infinite interpretation resources, the "Diner en Noir" pieces combine stark lines and high-tech textures with a more delicate, feminine silhouette, trying to achieve the ideal balance between dark and chic. My favorite pieces: the tweed biker jacket (it's Chanel meets American Choppers!) and the reinterpreted tuxedo jacket with the ample tulle skirt.

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