Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday is the real Monday

Mondays are, well, not all that difficult. You know they will be nasty and you have two days of complete relaxation to prepare for them. So when that alarm clock goes off way too early on Monday, you put on a brave face and scurry off to get things done. You've got a burst of energy pushing you forwards the entire day.

Tuesdays, on the other hand,  are a very different story. Every Tuesday morning is confusing for me - my first thought when I hear the alarm is if it's broken. After all, I did the whole waking up early thing the day before, so why is it still ringing now? Tuesdays need a whoooole different approach, a stealth way to trick the mind into thinking that it's possible to be in a good mood and that the weekend is really not THAT far away. Tuesday are, therefore, built for small indulgences, treats & inspirational moments. Here are the few that have made this morning sunnier.

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