Monday, 5 November 2012

Autor 8 - all the pretty, pretty things

On Sunday, after waking up bright and early (my sleep cycle is completely off, there’s no more hope), I decided to pay a visit to Autor 8. It’s an event I always try not to miss, not only because it’s a chance to get amazing pieces, but because I love to get to know new designers, young and innovative, bursting with new ideas and enthusiasm and see what they create. The event has been constantly evolving since its first edition four years ago and every time I visit it, I have this feeling that we are surrounded by beauty, even though we don’t always see it.

Philosophical thoughts aside, I found myself visiting the fair at an hour when there were few other visitors walking around. So, while I missed out on the excitement of the crowded exhibit with girls swooning left and right over the beauties on display (I learned from a reliable source that Saturday afternoon the feeling was just this one), I did enjoy being able to walk around leisurely, absorb the designs and chat with the designers about their inspiration or technique.

There were few things I saw and did not like, which is always amazing for someone as picky as myself, but it is nevertheless true that you never pick a jewelry item, it picks you. And just like that, here are a few of the designers that have made a lasting impression and who I will be closely following from now on, if I was not before.

Raluca Buzura – Far from being an unknown name, Raluca Buzura’s designs at this edition of Autor were impossible to miss and, once seen, impossible to forget. What always appeals to me is not only the extent of her talent and imagination in shaping the most extravagant, yet easy to wear statement pieces, but the artistic maturity they reflect. One necklace from her and I can already feel myself starting to hum  Beyonce’s “Run the world”.

Ioana Matei – The young designer and her new jewelry collection “Serial Project No 9″ was this edition’s main attraction and she certainly did not disappoint. From the visually striking display, which made use of little more than the actual floor of the location, to the eclectic selection of pieces and the effervescent nature of their design, Ioana Matei is definitely one designer to pay attention to in the future. After all, she made me fall head over heels over the beautiful necklace below even though I would never actually be able to wear it.

ADC Bijuterii Arhitecturale – Always playful and whimsical, the ADC brand is the ideal companion for those moments when you don’t want to take yourself too seriously. Using an interesting technique of basically stratifying layer upon layer of paper and subsequently shaping it, to which she has recently also added wood for a more “natural” look, designer Delia Matache appeals to the kid in us with an entire collection of geometric forms (including cufflinks, which my husband got a kick out of).

Andra Lupu – One of the most pleasant surprises of Autor 8, Andra Lupu’s designs were modern, versatile and so well crafted that you could easily have been fooled into thinking that they came from a designer with infinitely more experience. She also gets a great round of applause for the display, which, through its simplicity, beautifully complemented the pieces and helped showcase them in just the right way. I just love when people pay attention to these details – to me, that’s the truest sign of passion right there.

Surrounded by all these beautiful things I would have been at a loss about what to choose, but thankfully, finding the right jewelry for you is like love at first sight. Quite an appropriate comparison, when I think about it, since the necklace that stole my heart and settled neatly around my neck came with a note of the most beautiful love story ever... a story not unlike my own :) As the brand name says, it is truly a piece of a dream (fyi, the name of the designer brand is Pezzi di Sogni).

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