Saturday, 10 November 2012

It's what's inside that counts

We've all heard the saying, but this time around, take it with a pinch of salt. Because what I am talking about is the importance of beautiful, crazy, naughty or nice underwear, and not your soul (this time, at least). How else to explain the craze surrounding this week's Victoria's Secret fashion show and the massive coverage it's been generating? In fact, if there hadn't been an election, I would have said that this was THE event of the week. After all, it's a little bit self-explanatory: don't people prefer to watch sexy women parading around with large wings and little else than listen to serious men in suits discuss which state is red or blue? Yes, I agree with you that it's not as important as deciding the leader of the free world, but it might just be about deciding on the items that go into your boudoir and, on a personal level, I am sure that fares much higher on a list of priorities.

This year again, the Victoria's Secret fashion show was the extravaganza we've grown to expect and enjoy, featuring impossibly perfect women in skimpy outfits of the suavest silk, satin and lace, eye-catching and gravity defying accessories, big hair, sultry make-up and A-list music. All sprinkled with juicy tidbits and advice from the models backstage. The perfect recipe for the event that people will not forget, even if they will probably not remember any of the actual pieces shown.

This is the VS show in words. The rest is for the eye alone.

PS: An honourable mention goes to Nicholas Kirkwood who designed the shoes for the show - crazy sexy, aren't they?


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