Monday, 4 February 2013

Shoe of the week - Manolo Blahnik

Sure, anyone who's ever watched 'Sex and the City', which would comprise more or less every woman of my acquaintance, knows about Manolo Blahnik. Some of them undoubtedly eat, sleep and dream Manolo Blahnik. 'Cus that's just the kind of guy he is, and his special gift is to make shoes over which you coo and woo and forget to eat and sleep. And while all his collections have at least one pair I imagine not living without (even if I do usually surprise myself by actually managing to live without, somehow), the model I'll be talking about today is even better - if that were even possible.

The shoe of the week is, this time, this beautiful strappy sandal by Manolo Blahnik for Antonio Berardi's Spring Summer 2013 collection. This is one of those shoes that, when I first saw them, I was speechless, and my mind murmured 'perfection' in a awed little voice. Yes, they are my definition of perfect. They combine it all - they have a creative twist of modernity, yet they are classic and low-key enough to be able to be worn with just about anything in my wardrobe; they are sexy and a little bit edgy, yet with clean lines enough to be worn during the day; they can switch easily from work to an evening out; the colours they were available in on the runway were the perfect neutrals; and, more important, they really don't look too uncomfortable... All in all, this seem like one investment that would pay off for itself in sheer pleasure over time :)

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